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About Pre-Planning


Advance Planning

We are constantly reminded to make plans to assure the well-being of our families if something should happen to us. Chances are, you have already made out your will, taken out life insurance, and done many other things to make sure your property and financial estate are preserved for those you love. However, consider the emotional estate you leave to them. Planning your funeral in advance not only gives you control of how you are remembered, it also allows you to consider the feelings and expectations of your family with regard to your funeral arrangements. It eases the burden on your family of having to make decisions at the time of your death. The more you plan ahead for this inevitable need, the greater the sense of peace that you and your family will experience.

That's why we urge you to consider advance planning. At Palms Funeral Home, it costs nothing for you to investigate the option. You're never under any pressure or obligation to purchase anything. And, we'll be happy to help you start the process, any time you're ready.

Please visit the State Of Texas website for helpful information regarding Prepaid Funeral Contracts -


Make a Difficult Decision Easier

It's never easy to talk about death - especially your own. But advance planning now lets you make decisions based on calm study of your options, not on pressing need. It also provides an opportunity for open discussion with your family, the people who will be most affected by the type of funeral or memorial service you choose. In fact, many people find this kind of planning to be a positive and empowering experience for the whole family. You can start by checking out information you'll find at the Palms Funeral Home website. Or, visit in person or by phone with one of the Palms Funeral Home staff. We can take you through the planning process, step by step, explaining all the options available to you. At this point, you can make arrangements yourself, or involve your family. It's all up to you. We're simply here to help.

Start the Planning Process

The first step in advance planning is one that only you can do. Begin by gathering all documents or information regarding programs that may entitle you to specific burial or other related expenses. Once you have these, we can help you organize them, find out what benefits you can expect, and discuss what is not covered, so you can make your decisions accordingly.

For example, what will Social Security or other programs pay? Usually, the maximum benefit is only a few hundred dollars, reimbursed after the funeral services are concluded. This is not enough to cover even a basic burial space, let alone the funeral service and related expenses.

If you are a veteran, there may be other benefits to which you are entitled. The government may provide a number of burial benefits, ranging from a simple flag to be draped on the casket to a gravesite and marker in a national cemetery. However, you must be eligible, your family or the funeral home must apply for benefits as reimbursements after the service has been paid for, and most funeral costs (embalming, casket, and so on) are not included.

In any case, the staff at Palms Funeral Home can help you find out exactly what you are entitled to, so you don't make arrangements for less than you need or more than you want. We want to make sure all your preparations are in order. That your final wishes and those of your family will be honored. And that you or your family won't be surprised with unexpected or unnecessary expenses.


Remove the Burden from Your Family

Planning a funeral when a death has just occurred can be a tremendous emotional burden on your family. It can be a financial burden as well. Experience shows that people undergoing grief can make arrangements without fully realizing the impact that the costs will have on their savings and budgets. By making your own decisions today, you protect your family from agonizing over details, making guesses about what you would want, and worrying about how they're going to pay for everything. In short, you make it possible for them to concentrate more fully on supporting each other during this time of grief and loss.

Control the Details

Preparing for a funeral can involve making many detail-oriented decisions:

  • Does your family know where you want to be buried?

  • Where would you like you service to be held?

  • Who would you like to officiate your service?

  • If you prefer to be cremated, do you want your ashes to be scattered, inurned, or buried in a particular place?

  • Do you wish to be buried wearing certain clothing, jewelry or other items of special significance to you?

  • Do you want special religious or fraternal rites to be performed?

  • Do you want a particular piece of music to be played?

  •  What do you want your obituary or eulogy to highlight about your life?

Make these choices now and you can be assured that your wishes will be fulfilled later, and that your memorial will be conducted the way you wish.

Control the Costs

Once you've determined some of the details of the funeral and service, our staff can accurately calculate costs and you can make further adjustments as needed. But such choices aren't the only way you can keep funeral expenses down. You may well find today's prices surprisingly modest compared to what you expected, but costs are almost sure to rise. Over the past 10 years, funeral costs have nearly doubled. That's why you should also look carefully at the variety of payment plans and options that are available. In essence, you can pay for tomorrow's need at today's lower costs.

The Six Common Reasons for Prearranging Funerals

Today, more individuals and families are making the decision to prearrange their funerals than ever before. Because of the factors such as inflation, fewer extended family members living close by, and other changes in our society, planning your own funeral can make a lot of sense. In a recent survey, these were the most common reasons people gave for prearranging their own funerals:

  • Lets your wishes be known
  • Reduces stress for friends and family at an already emotional time
  • Saves money
  • Guarantees your family will never have to pay more for your funeral — no matter what happens with inflation
  • Shows you care
  • Relieves your loved ones of the financial responsibility

When You're Ready, We'll Take Care of Everything

To get started, or simply to get more information, don't hesitate to call us. For assistance please call (979) 849-4343. You can also take the time to fill out our preplanning form here. We will receive the information you provide us, and file it for you. This way, if something does happen to you, we have instructions regarding your wishes.

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Proudly Serving the Communities of Angleton, Brazoria County, Galveston County, and Harris County
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